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The Book

Ser Edward, an experienced sailor, embarks on perhaps the most daring expedition of the Kingdom of Esenworth so far. His mission is to try to earn the blessing of the Reverend Sven, who is none other than his love’s father, probably the most influential man in the realm. But on his journey beset by fierce storms, he and his men encounter something that could shake to the core not only their faith, but their very concept of the world as well. Meanwhile, far from the oceans, his love, Emma, is trying to disentangle herself from the spider’s web of intrigue and scheming, into which she is being drawn ever deeper by Erick the new king.

And the dark clouds just keep gathering above – ancient beasts, stranger than ever, appear at sea, on land and even in the skies more and more frequently. They roar with a metallic screech, their eyes glow with an unnatural light, their skin hard and rigid as armour.

Can order be upheld in this age blind to divine prophecy, in the largest kingdom of the North, where the monarch’s mind is coming undone just like reality itself?

Our heroes must struggle ceaselessly to understand the hidden secrets of their world and their own origins. But what are they going to do once they have the answers?

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Norbert Zsivicz

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The World of the Novel

Discover The World

The World of the Novel

Discover The World

“He wiped the blood from his forehead and looked towards the interior of the hall again. Notal had cursed this day. The god was trying to drive a wedge between him and his plans, trying to shake his certainty, trying to kill him. This could only mean one thing… The god was afraid. Afraid of him. He was afraid of Maleck’s return!”

“I’m not going to shed blood on my daughter’s birthday... I have made my position clear. You can discuss the details with my men. The council, however, is now over. Please enjoy the festivity and the hospitality of my kingdom and Leyhen.”


“The newfound knowledge brought with it the loss of her faith. The more she read, the more she discovered about the world, the more the gods turned away from her…”

“We don’t need my father’s blessing! If he refuses us, we’ll sail away and start a new life in the South or on one of the islands of Tywhorn.”


“Events unfolded rapidly and the next thing he knew he was a captain. Skirmishes, battles on water and then on land. Knightly honours, a new ship… However, each promotion was overshadowed by betrayal. He had to learn fast: hanging or keel-hauling traitors, but also accepting the gratitude of pretty ladies.”

“I have joined the expedition to get you home safely, Father. And I will be true to my word. I think this, if nothing else, is worthy of your blessing.”

The book you will be reading is the fruit of many years of work and was, strangely enough, finished during the pandemic. Let me offer you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into my Sealed Empire so that you can get to know me a little bit better.
Norbert Zsivicz
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